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Go ahead and ask for one if you want. I love to critique art of all kinds and skill levels. Just keep in mind I'm a very critical person! :)


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Mother: 25th Anniversary Edition Logo by DragonDePlatino
Mother: 25th Anniversary Edition Logo
It's been a while since I posted any of my vector work, so here's the official logo for my "Mother: 25th Anniversary Edition" project! I'm not a big fan of the blurring used on the globe, but this logo's gone through a lot of iterations and it's the best I think I can do for now. As usual, everything you see here was drawn in Inkscape.
Mega Man NES Sprite Sheet by DragonDePlatino
Mega Man NES Sprite Sheet
You know, I never really was a big fan of Mega Man's sprites in the ol' NES games. They had really awkward anatomy and could have used the limited space of the NES much more efficiently. So to prove my point, I drew up these sprites.

While making this sheet, my goal was to reuse as many 8x8 sprites as possible for each of Mega Man's frames. I also wanted to redesign Mega Man's sprite to be larger and more detailed, but not too big as to create sprite flicker problems. As it stands, the widest sprite in this sheet is 5 tiles (jumping) and everything here would only use up 6 rows in the NES' CHR-ROM. I'm really proud of this!


Pixel Dragon
United States

Hello, my name is Andrew Rios and I am a freelance pixel artist who specializes in 16-Bit and 8-Bit sprites! I've had lots of experience in many styles, and I'm currently looking for freelance work to do over the summer. I charge very low, manageable prices and love to do a variety of work. I'm a studious guy with great work ethic as long as the job is within the scope of possibility! Now, about that...

I will draw...
    :bulletblack: Retro, Low-resolution Sprites :bulletblack: Unanimated Pixel Art (i.e. cutscenes) up to 256x224 in size :bulletblack: Humans, Monsters, GUI, Tilesets, etc. :bulletblack: Platformers, Space Shooters, RPGs, Puzzles

I will NOT draw...
    :bulletblack: Animated 64x64 resolution main characters (bosses, scenery and ships are OK) :bulletblack: Violent or gory material :bulletblack: Anything of a pornographic nature

Commissions Que:

:bulletblack: - CLOSED SLOT
:bulletblack: - CLOSED SLOT
:bulletblack: - CLOSED SLOT

Friend Codes:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 4511-6290-4680
Mario Kart Wii: 3953-6227-4369
Pokemon Battle Revolution: 3868-1023-3525
Pokemon SoulSilver: 5242-4944-4507
Pokemon Diamond: 3567-3386-1058 (All my good pokemon are on SoulSilver and Battle Revolution though)
Pokemon Black 2: 3569-0739-6458
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky: 2451-2199-7002
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass: 5371-5378-5961
Animal Crossing Wild World: 4641-3448-6585 (I cheat a lot)
Guitar Hero World Tour: 3266-5891-4802
I'd love to play with you even if you are a complete stranger! :D


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Hey man! I've been listening to this album frequently and I really like it. I think you might like it too!

It's a guy that goes by the name of "Shnabubula" who did a few chiptune albums, but the one I want to share with you is "Game Genie". He mixed 8-bit with 16-bit soundfonts and adds a funk/jazz style to his music. I think it's really good and ingenious the way he composed those really catchy tunes.

You can find the full album here:…
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