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Ah...what an unorthodox thing to critique...icons? So many to critique...I suppose I shall critique your icons as a series.

Upgrade Icons:

Looking at the upgrade icons, I can see that you have achieved a very high degree of consistence from icon to icon. I understand that as one grows in artistic talent, it may be challenging to create new icons in older styles, but you have managed to do this quite nicely. The frame rate on all of these icons is incredibly high...from what I can assume, each frame is on average, 30ms long, which translates to an amazing frame rate of 33FPS! Biologically speaking, the human eye must only see a series of frames of at least 15FPS to automatically insert motion-blur and give the illusion of animation. But it is quite apparent you went above and beyond this minimum, and you created incredibly smooth upgrade animations. The small splash of color for each of these animations also adds a nice touch, and gives a nice, subtle sense of contrast between them. This contrast further enhances the usefulness, and I can imagine that if all of these upgrades were laid side-by-side, it would be very clear to the viewer that they were all separate animations. This is because of, as I said before, the contrast, but as well as the small 1px border you put around each of the animations. Adding color and a 1px border to an icon may seem like a trivial thing, but doing such a thing shows you are an intelligent artist who knows how little things can make a difference.

Weapon Icons:

As with most weapon icons, you made the intelligent choice of putting the weapons at an oblique angle to show more of them in lesser space. At first glance, the weapons themselves are not impressive because of their monochromatic nature, but looking closer, one can see a very smooth, almost hypnotic glint to each of the weapons. This glint, while unnecessary, like your high framerate, further shows the amount of care and polish you put into your animations. The designs of the swords have little, but noticeable variation between them. There is an interesting balance of realism and cartooniness in each of the swords, and something such as this can only be accomplished with years of artistic practice. Each of the swords are also very crisp in their outlines, though a bit on the sketchy side. My only suggestion for you is to lower the thickness of the wooden sword (Egads, a wooden shield!) and to be a bit more crisp in your outlines. It may be a thing of style, but sometimes a small error in the outline of a weapon can have an eye-distracting effect. Take, for example, the vertical white line on the side of the shock sword. Such a small mistake, though easily fixable, has a detracting quality to it, and slightly distracts one from the sword overall. Moving down into the more exotic weapons, I can see that you spent even more time with amazing particle effects, such as with the Thunder Sword. I cannot begin to describe how beautiful the thunder sword is, and though the process to have drawn it might have been simple, th effect is incredibly dynamic despite your binary-colored style. Moving into the rest of the weapons and further scrutinizing them, I can see that you are a very experienced black-and-white artist, as even though there is an absence of color, I can just IMAGINE what color each of these items could be because of your intelligent usage of dithering. Also, I notice that as the Magnus Staff blinks very rapidly, and this gives me an illusion that it is blinking in all the colors of a rainbow. I went ahead and popped the animation into ASEprite, and, surprised, I discovered that there was no color to this animation. The effect of the color flashing is very dynamic, and I highly suggest you experiment more with effects such as this in the future.

Upper Equip Icons

The moment I see your equip icons, I am amazed. There is a very dynamic look to the boots, simply because they are not being laid straight up. Such an intelligent usage of depth further adds to the amount of depth you have been able to squeeze out of just two colors. Next, the cloaks and armor are all excellent. You continued to use the same glint effect as with the swords, but I begin to see very dynamic reinventions of the same glints. Take for example, the basic armor. Instead of the glint travelling straight from left to right, it dances along the many faceted edges of the armor, giving the armor a very 3D effect. And as for the Angel and Phantom armor, the effect is similar, but still quite unique. Looking closer, though, The Rupy (Rupee? Ruby? A mistype?) armor could have been drawn better. From what I have drawn, pulling off a crystal texture is quite easy with two colors, but with the Rupy armor I only see a poorly used dither fill, and a very distracting vertical line on the top of the armor. I suggest you go back and redo the Rupy armor later, if possible. Holic Cape. I see. The same. Rainbow effect. So. Transfixing. O3o AH! Where was I? Oh. The rings! Looking at the rings, (Dat regeneration ring :I) I see that you have a seemingly endless creativity when it comes to particle effects. Before I had seen these icons, I had not assumed it was possible to make such a great variety of particle effects, such as the Recovery Ring's energy pulses, or the bubbly effects around the Leaf Ring. Looking at the rings, I see your creativity hit a high point, as the gold ring and energy ring have particles just as dynamic as the thunder sword's, if not better.

Lower Equip Icons

Starting with the potions, I find it strange that you used black on white instead of the inverse. The effect creates a very dynamic contrast, but makes the two items stand out from the others in an odd way which I cannot entirely describe. I think that in the future, if you were to make any more usable items similar to the potions, you should continue this black-on-white color scheme. Moving down to the helmets, I think your designs are somewhat interesting, but the animal-related helmets could use a bit more spice in their design... They all have very similar faces, and I think you should experiment more with adding a bit more flare to your animal designs, like you did with your particles. For example, you could have made the turtle look sleepy, with closed eyes, hedgehog, angry, to enhance the attack-centered nature of the item, etc. Also, while it may add some charm to the icons, I think your laziness with the armadillo and hedgehog helmets is very apparent. The spikes on both have no sense of flow, they seem to just point in all directions without any coherency. Doing something as simple as searching on Google "Hedgehog Front" can give you very nice refs such as this one I found: [link]
Bringing the critique to a close, I think you could have done a bit better with your mask and shield designs. Unlike the dynamism I saw with the boots, the shields are facing full-center toward the viewer, and this makes them loose a lot of the depth that most of your other designs had. Looking at the shuriken, bombs, scrolls and trap, I can see that the categories of these items lean more toward the "usable" variety, and these may look better if inverted. The sparkle of the bomb is also a nice effect that I see rarely, and it gives the bomb a fireworks-like atmosphere.

Much more could be said on each specific icon, but I would have rather commented on them all as a whole as I would have began to border on redundancy otherwise. Overall, you have very fantastic frame rates, creative particle effects and interesting designs, though, again, I advise you to put more of your creative effort into your animal designs. There is a very good coherency from item to item, and of the 120 or so icons here, I can find very little mistakes, if any, to point out about them. I only suggest that you make all of your icons have the same neatness as your upgrade icons, as this is a very easy thing to correct as long as it is done before animation is begun. Well, I commend you on your fantastic job on doing these icons, and I will say that DaFight is very lucky to have you as their item and weapon designer. I can only hope this group will stay active for many more years to come so that more can see your amazing designs, which add so much more flair and charm to the group's RPs which I rarely see anywhere else. Signing out,

- DragonDePlatino
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SrGrafo Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Its incredible how you hit in the point in everything, from the mistakes i made to the ones i was a little lazy doing xD (about the Rupy, everyone told me that :iconlazycryplz: is that I wanted that name ) about the wooden sword, yes its normal, even including the knife, can even say that even the ninja sword :icondf-woodensword::icondf-knife::icondf-ninjasword: has the second problem, those where my first weapon icons ouo i was learning about how the light should travel in the weapon, the :icondf-breakersword: was one of the last swords i made, you can see that i learn better in there, took me also a while to realize that is better to have different particles effect depending on the effects of the weapons, like the haste "effect" :icondf-hastering::icondf-hasteboots: or the poison particle :icondf-poison::icondf-poisonring: but is a thingy of practice and make more and more, want to show you something that not so much people notice in my icon wall, this was made 3 months before this icons, and was where i first planned the idea of making weapon icons and stats, :iconsrgrafo10hp::iconsrgrafonormalsword::iconsrgrafosmalljacket: just saying that, yes xD I have improve in that time, and I will try to even make mroe effects and better items (about the animal helmets, their designe is like that cause in the first beta of the chat, players were able to "keep their items" so they were walking all the time with them, and they liked having "cute" creatures in the head, now in the new version i will make a new series of helmets, (at least other designes like the :icondf-blockerhelmet:) thks for the critic man, one of the bests critics I have saw, gonna add you to the dev id. ouo awesome critics.
DragonDePlatino Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012
Ha! Glad you liked it! As you know, a good food critic doesn't necessarily have to be a chef. The same applies to an art critic, and I'm gonna say that your much better at animations from I. While doing the critique, I learned a lot myself, and I think I can apply a lot of what I saw to my own future animations.
SrGrafo Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Glad you learned, problably gonna make some tutorials later (i really wanted to xD but need a better microphone OTL)
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