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Grass Starter Family by SteveO126

These are all pretty great! Gonna critique them one at a time.

Starting with Skinkeaf, you've got a nice color scheme that might seem strange at first, but actually pulls off a nice balance of muteness and brightness that lots of Fakemon fail to make. Skinkeaf's is also simple, and has a nice sense of clarity with the lime-green limbs. On the other hand, I think a splash of color could be added to the hands so that they wouldn't blend with the upper torso if held upwards.

Moving on to Herbite, the first thing I notice is the highlight on the tail. It looks quite rushed and paint-like, and attracts too much attention from the rest of the design. On the other hand, I can see a splash of color on the arms that adds a dash of clarity which was absent in Skinkeaf's design. There is also a nice sense of progression between the 1st and 2nd evolutions, and a subtle but considerable difference in their designs. The black accenting on the torso and brown lower torso were a nice touch, but I think it might be better to try using brighter colors near the bottom so that the darker colors (such as brown) would not blend in with the shadows underneath.

Finally, Dewlapalm. Again, sloppy work on the left arm's highlights! I can also point out a few confusing pieces of Dewlapalm's design...Firstly, when I see a green, reptile-like Fakemon such as this, I assume it must be a chameleon of some sort. Contradicting this idea is Dewlapalm's head, which seems more mammal-like (an armadillo, perhaps?) than like that of a lizard's. The placement of the leaves on the head is also strange, and it gives me the impression of ears while in the rest of the evolutions the leaves were clearly eyebrows...Another thing to note is that there is one less toe on each hind leg, and this sense of backwards progression does not seem fitting for a 3rd evolution. Also, the upper torso's poor shading fails to communicate the shape up the upper body. Is the blue shape flat on Dewlapalm's chest? Is it indented, separating the upper half into two sections? A proper way to fix this would be to simply change the shading on the upper torso to better communicate this idea to the viewer.

Overall, you have a nice sense of progression and consistency with the three which is sadly lost in the 3rd evolution. on the other hand, you did a very nice job of imitating Sugi's style, and the light-gray highlights on the black areas of Dewlapalm's ears(?) add a very dynamic, stylized effect. Your designs are also a bit original as far as Fakemon go, despite being of the grass-starter-lizard variety, which is the main reason this piece attracted my attention enough to deserve an extended critique. In conclusion, an 8/10 on these designs.

Keep up the great Fakemon designing,

- DragonDePlatino
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SteveO126 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for taking your time on this. Never really ever got critiqued on any of my work. For the design of Dewlapalm, those "ears" are it leaf crest. Its just really developed. And the area where the blue markings on its chest is its dewlap, which is the basis of its design, the anole. I do really have to learn how to shade a highlight better haha. Again thanks!=D I'll probably be revamping Dewlapalm, while doing minor changes with the other two.
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